Connecting With Your Visitors

Once a person comes to your site, you probably want her (or him) to take action—to call or to visit your location. However, that’s not likely to be your visitor’s plan. Many times she’s looking to get information, but needs a little time to digest the info that she (hopefully) found. Until your prospect makes the call, it’s important to stay in contact with her, so that’s where your followup system comes into play.

However, that’s not the only reason to use a followup system. You’d probably like to keep in touch with your existing customers, right? After all, it takes much less effort to keep customers than to find new ones. So now your followup system can do double duty by keeping your business in front of both prospects ad customers.

Online Presence can develop a system that meets your specific needs, helping you maintain contact with everyone that you come in contact with and continuing your sales process beyond the initial visit to your website. Ask us to evaluate your current system and see where an online system could fit your business.